Playbase is an NHS funded project run by Broxburn Family Centre which aims to improve children’s health through play.

We believe that creating positive memories helps people to be happy and healthy. We will be working alongside communities in Bridgend, Stoneyburn and Bents to provide awesome play experiences for families.

By starting conversations through play, then listening and acting on what families feel will make them happier and healthier, Playbase will create a unique community play plan for each area. This is likely to include outdoor and indoor play, spending time in nature, health related projects, group activities such as Family Cooking and lots of physical activity.

Play is our work!

Play is serious business and nothing lights up the brain like play, regardless of age. Play can add fun, joy, excitement, relieve stress, boost learning and connect you more to the people and world around you.

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing’ George Bernard Shaw

Anyone who looks after children is welcome to get involved. To find out more about Playbase and start creating happy play memories, get in touch with Leigh-Ann on 07717 837 775 or email